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We are able to offer to our customers a high level of professionalism and high quality standards. We provide innovative services that give the call center operator access to new technologies in order to reach excellent levels of customer experience.



Our team is always searching for innovative solutions to provide advanced and reliable services to our customers. We define ourselves as “process innovators” and “complexity managers” focused on solutions that increase outcome and improve customer-oriented service.

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Innovation lab

Our Innovation Lab is composed by a team of experts who combine their experience and creativity with new technologies to offer new services. By doing so, we provide a high quality level of customer experience. We pride ourselves in being able to foresee any issues before they happen.

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We firmly believe that a company’s growth is tantamount to individual growth. Group value is produced only when “individual value” is appreciated. Therefore we guide/support our team with learning opportunities. We unite modern training tools (e-learning, knowledge management…) with a specialized, professional training team.


Eurocall your reference partner for the development of your business
You choose us for our experience. We choose you for our future.

Eurocall is a goal-oriented company, focused on solutions rather than problems. Due to our professionalism and our attitude towards innovation, both our customers and our company benefit. What sets us apart from others is our sharpness our reliability, our speed and our problem-solving capability. It is through customized services and solutions that we are able to provide our customers with a high level of quality. Ethics are our key value.

Our Team

Carmine Spina

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Michela Parise

General Manager

Maurizio Parisi

Controller & Reporting Manager

Sergio Gatto

IT Manager

Luciana Corsaro

Operation Manager

Natascia Messina

Business Development

Monica Gily

Human Resources Manager



Watch exports with suspicion and fear? We open you the doors to the biggest B2B platform in the world with more than 160 millions of customers and 15 bilions of transaction per day.
The Eurocall group will be the key of your business!
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